This page was created for all those people who want to remember the good times and countless hours spent working , playing, and hacking on these incredible computers that were ahead of their time. It's hard to believe they were only 8Bit and ran at 1.79Mhz..

400 & 800

600XL, 800XL & 1200XL

65XE &130 XE

8Bit fun into Y2K and beyond
Dig out those 8bit computers out of your closet, garage, etc. because if you thought they were dead think again..:)

OOPS.. you sold your 8Bit Atari ages ago.. No Problem Check out these awesome emulators that you can run from your DOS, Windows PC, MAC, or Linux box..
PC Xformer DOS,Windows
XL-It DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix
Rainbow MAC, Windows 95/98/NT
Atari800win Windows 95/98/NT

If you still have one and are not sure what to do with it check this out....

Let's hook it up to Your PC .and get on the Net so we can get some good old games and apps.....:)
There's are many ways to do this but I'll show you the best and coolest way......
First You'll Need an SIO2PC(schematics) cable you can build it yourself or you can get one built from me . Then You will Need A shareware Program Called APE (Please Register If you Decide to Keep it). Once you get it all built and installed lets go over to some sites to get some games and apps...:)

BEST software sites for all you favorite apps and games

Umich University of Michigan Archive

Where to meet more Atari 8Bit users
News:Comp.sys.atari.8bit the only news group dedicated to 8bit Atari's
IRC #atari8 (Efnet) .
IRC #atari8 (IRCnet)


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